The Sheba Brand Launches New Creative Ad Campaign That Will Send You to Sleep

The Sheba Brand Launches New Creative Ad Campaign That Will Send You to Sleep

Apr. 22, 2021

We’ve all likely experienced shifts in our sleep patterns this last year due to abnormalities/anxieties of the pandemic, but sleep patterns may have been impacted by something else quite surprising: our cats. Cats are crepuscular creatures and notoriously more active (and hungry!) during early morning hours. While many cat parents are happy to cope with that 4 a.m. feed, this ad targets them in the early morning hours when they may be reaching for their phones most, helping them to get back to sleep after giving in. 

Developed by AMV BBDO, the hero film – which is an evolution of the brand’s “4 a.m.” program – has been produced with the latest research in sleep science at its heart. The agency wanted to find a way to create engaging and entertaining content, but also something that would (literally) put people to sleep. Finding a fine balance and using a combination of the best sleep techniques – including body scans, ASMR voices, calm visual effects, meditation and soothing colours – this ad has turned mobile devices into sleep-inducing aids, all aimed getting pet parents back to dreamland more easily. 

Neil Clarke, Creative Director at AMV BBDO, says:

“Using science and data to create an advertising campaign that sends you to sleep is probably the last thing most clients want. But that’s what is great about Sheba and this project. It goes against everything a traditional marketing campaign would normally be. Buying media at 4 a.m. so only those who are awake will see it; targeting sleep-deprived cat owners on social media; creating a Spotify podcast to help you drift off – it’s a playful approach and the more people we can send to sleep, the better.”


The campaign content can be viewed on the brand’s YouTube channel, and across their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, targeting prospective cat parents in the early morning hours. The brand has also curated a 4 a.m. Lullaby Spotify Album to help feline families, adding to the playful approach to getting more people back to sleep.


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