Ad of the Day | The Spanish Christmas Lottery Campaign Takes a Trip Down Memory Lane

Ad of the Day | The Spanish Christmas Lottery Campaign Takes a Trip Down Memory Lane

Nov. 20, 2020

Contrapunto BBDO  reminds us of the thousands of personal stories that lie behind the Christmas Lottery tickets that have been shared over the years, and  how, this year, many of these stories will be very unexpected. 

The Spanish Christmas Lottery goes back more than 200 years and has now  become a tradition that every Spaniard looks forward to, as much as they do for  Christmas Eve or New Year’s Day. Unlike any other lottery in the world, people prefer sharing their lottery tickets with others rather than playing in their own,  because it represents that special bond that brings them together.

Year after year, people all over Spain await the arrival of the Christmas Lottery campaign, whose ads have also achieved international acclaim, such as winning the Grand Prix at Cannes in 2016. 

Given that this is such an extraordinary year, it made sense that a campaign featuring a tradition so deeply rooted in Spanish society would also portray the extraordinary circumstances that we are all living today. However, far from  focusing on the current context, this year’s campaign takes us on an emotional journey through the history of this unique lottery to remind us not only of how long  it has been an integral part of people’s lives but also to show us the power it has  to deliver highly emotional messages.  

This years’ story, which begins in the ’40s and takes us right up to the present day,  carries the significance of “sharing” to a whole new dimension. Until now it was normal to share Christmas Lottery tickets with family, friends or work colleagues…  but this year’s global crisis has given rise to exceptional situations that we would never have imagined a year ago. 

And that’s how the “Sharing as always. Sharing as never before” idea was  conceived. A concept that takes us through time to show how the meaning of  sharing a Christmas Lottery ticket has evolved over the years, from messages like  “I wish you the best of luck”, “I love you”, “We’re more than just work colleagues”… to the present day, where a ticket shared between the  protagonists of this year’s campaign say things like “Thank you for being there”. 

This year’s campaign was rolled out in Spain on the 12 November and will air  throughout the pre-Christmas period until the 21 December, the day before the Christmas Lottery draw takes place.


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