Travis Scott Founds New Brand CACTI, An Agave Spiked Seltzer

Travis Scott Founds New Brand CACTI, An Agave Spiked Seltzer

Dec. 17, 2020

Today, Diamond certified recording artist, songwriter, producer, fashion mogul and creative force Travis Scott has announced his latest project as a founder and creator of a new brand, CACTI, a venture with Anheuser-Busch. The new endeavor is an extension of his ever-growing personal brand which will bring his signature aesthetic and creative narrative to life in the beverage space. Scott, a tequila fan, was inspired by the flavors of tequila and the light and refreshing taste of seltzer when creating CACTI Agave Spiked Seltzer - hitting shelves in Spring 2021.

Seen as the premier tastemaker at the forefront of pop culture innovation, Scott will tap into Anheuser-Busch's industry-leading capabilities and unparalleled distribution network to bring CACTI to life. Scott, his Cactus Jack creative collection, and Anheuser-Busch's innovation team worked side by side to create the flavors, packaging, ingredients, branding, marketing plan and more.

Travis Scott said:

"CACTI is something I'm really proud of and have put a ton of work into. Me and the team really went in, not only on getting the flavor right, but on thousands of creative protos on everything from the actual beverage, to the can concept, to the packaging and how it is presented to the world. We always try to convey a feeling in our products. I'm a big fan of tequila so I came at it from that angle, too. I'm really excited to put this out in 2021 and see other people be able to enjoy it."


Fabricio Zonzini, President of Beyond Beer at Anheuser-Busch, said:

"We are all about delivering what consumers want, and as a culture-shaping artist, Scott is incredibly connected to his fans and what's new and next in culture. As we continue in our mission to lead industry innovation and optimize our portfolio for the future, I'm excited that we can play a role in bringing to life Scott's vision to deliver something new to the hard seltzer space."


Fresh, new, and unlike anything seen before, CACTI, as described in its initial out of home marketing campaign launching soon, features "DOWN TO EARTH INGREDIENTS. OUT OF THIS WORLD FLAVOR." This bold beverage is something that Scott's 21+ fans, seltzer stans and new to category consumers alike will love.

Coming in Spring 2021, CACTI Agave Spiked Seltzer will have a 7% ABV and will be available in 3 flavors to start: Lime, Pineapple and Strawberry. Brewed in Los Angeles and made with 100% premium blue agave from Mexico, the product will be available in 12oz cans sold in a 9 count Variety Pack as well as 16oz and 25oz singles sold in Lime and Pineapple.

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