Ubisoft and DDB Paris hid a podcast series based on The Division 2 universe into the map of Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ubisoft and DDB Paris hid a podcast series based on The Division 2 universe into the map of Ghost Recon Wildlands

Mar. 20, 2019

For the first time, DDB Paris and a Ubisoft studio worked hand in hand to develop original content to communicate for a game inside another game.

This was the first official occurrence of a shared universe between Ubisoft games and licenses and the first time ever that Ubisoft used the active community of one game to launch another. Gamers are notoriously difficult to reach with traditional advertising, so what better place to communicate to them than the world of a game where you can find millions of receptive players and talk to them about your next game?

The experience took the form of an exclusive mission in Ghost Recon Wildlands, where players were given mysterious GPS coordinates through their car’s radio. These were the coordinates of the first tape of the podcast, and the beginning of a treasure hunt to get all the other episodes, and the end of the story.

In this box, you will find one of the 100 limited copies of a collector vinyl containing the 6 episodes of the podcast named “Green Dawn”.

Green Dawn takes place between the events of the first and second Division games. 

It is the violent story of seven kids who try to survive in the aftermath of a collapsed world and try to make their way to safety. Each episode lasts between two and four minutes and immerses you further in this bleak story.

You will also find a tape recorder, so you can discover the story of Green Dawn, in case you are too young or not cool enough to own a turntable.

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