Velocity Global Whirls Around the World in Cross-Continental Campaign

Velocity Global Whirls Around the World in Cross-Continental Campaign

Sep. 14, 2023

Global employment solution, Velocity Global, has enlisted the talents of L'Éloi director Camille Boyer and photographer duo LM Chabot, alongside agency Red Antler, to craft a campaign that whisks viewers around the world.

The globe-trotting spot showcases how the work-anywhere company empowers people across the globe to work together seamlessly. Experimental transitions transport viewers across continents while maintaining satisfying aesthetic cohesion, from an artsy Mexican study to a cosy family home in Japan - not forgetting a stopover in Denmark.

Velocity Global made each character as real as possible - giving them names, professions, and even families - allowing Camille and LM Chabot to build a detailed world around each one. Its branding, featuring the earth and circles, also gave Camille the inspiration for each dynamic transition seen in the spot. Whirling, zooming, and spinning down a webcam lens, movement across the world is mimicked by the motion of the camera for a visual flow that reflects the brand ethos.

As the campaign encompasses both photo and video, L'Éloi brought photographer duo LM Chabot onto the campaign to work closely with Camille and thus maximise cohesion across assets. Having collaborated for almost ten years, the expanded team already had a successful working relationship, and were able to make joint decisions on everything from lighting to art direction, casting, and styling. Whilst the director usually takes the lead, the size of the stills campaign demanded that both sides work equally hand in hand.

Apart from working in the same set with the same models, LM Chabot had the freedom to create their own lighting and staging. They shot in continuous light rather than changing to flash every time they changed sets, saving setup time and allowing them to use the equipment already in place for video. However, this also came with its own technical challenge: as continuous light is less powerful, wide apertures, a lower shutter speed, and a high ISO must be utilised, making the depth of field much shallower. Ultimately, this actually enhanced the aesthetics of the photo campaign, as the blur lends an intimate and artistic edge that stands out from typical commercial shots.

Camille Boyer commented: 

“I loved having the opportunity to work with LM Chabot on this campaign. We’ve done so before, but this was on a larger scale with greater unity between the video and photography. Our producer, Kristina Kirilyuk, did an excellent job of coordinating it!”


LM Chabot commented: 

“Camille is first and foremost a friend, and it's always a pleasure to work with people we like. We've been working together for almost a decade and have even had the opportunity to swap roles over the years. It's fun because we understand each other well, we know what we like, and we can all go in the same direction without a hitch.”

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