VOO Telecom launches modern art that turn out to be real screenshots of crappy video calls

VOO Telecom launches modern art that turn out to be real screenshots of crappy video calls

Nov. 04, 2019

We’ve all been there: Videocalls gone terribly wrong because of a slow internet connection. Although, when you come to look at it, there might be some aesthetic value to these videocalls, it’s mostly an awful and inefficient experience. To promote its fastest internet, Belgium’s biggest Telco challenger VOO created posters that look like modern art, at first sight. But… turn out to be real screenshots of failed videocalls because of a slow internet. All this to highlight the fact that VOO Telecom offers internet that is up to 4 times faster than competition.

These VOO ‘Video Call Art’ posters are featured as ‘modern art’ posters at the KIKK Festival this week. KIKK is one of Belgium’s most important modern & digital art festivals. So, visitors of the festival will be slightly misled when thinking that what they see, is modern art, to find out after reading a subtle line of copy that these actually are enlarged real screenshots of video calls with a lagging internet.

The artwork will also appear in print papers and will be turned into social ads targeting KIKK visitors.

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