Yerba Armino's New Campaign With Full Production by Olga Lee Presented at the Copa America

Yerba Armino's New Campaign With Full Production by Olga Lee Presented at the Copa America

Jul. 09, 2024

In the context of the Copa América, and commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Uruguayan national team's victory in the 1924 Paris Olympic Games, Yerba Armiño presents "Before the First Olympic Lap, There Was a Mate Lap," its new campaign fully produced by Olga Lee and directed by Oliver Lee Garland. With creativity by Notable, general creative direction by Diego Lev, and Martín Rumbo, the spot commemorates a pivotal historical event: the moments leading up to the final in which Uruguay was crowned champion.

The audiovisual production company, based in Uruguay with a global projection, undertook this production with great meticulousness and thorough historical research. The narrative of the project focuses on the dressing room of the Colombes Stadium just before the Uruguayan team took to the field for the final. This event not only marked the first star on the Uruguayan jersey but also the origin of the iconic Olympic lap attributed to the Uruguayan team.

Oliver Garland, founder and director of Olga Lee said:

"With an intimate and carefully crafted narrative, we recreated the Colombes dressing room and captured in this piece those unique minutes before taking to the field, where players share an intimate moment drinking mate with Yerba Armiño, symbolizing Uruguayan unity and tradition. At the same time, we wanted to portray the human side of the players, their feelings in that historic moment for Uruguayans: their fears, insecurities, their dreams, as well as their physical and emotional exhaustion from being away from home for over three months."


Each scene is based on factual data about the players and the settings, ensuring a faithful representation of the era. Among the findings included in one scene is a hot air balloon that references a journalist who attempted to broadcast the match from the air due to access restrictions to the stadium. The inclusion of historical figures adds depth and authenticity to the narrative. One of them, who was a shoe shiner in Uruguay before becoming the first international football star, is depicted with his charismatic personality, remembered in history for his adventures in Paris, where he won the hearts of the French women.

The campaign also highlights other historical details, such as the inclusion of a cricket that the players carried as a good luck charm, based on a documentary from the time. Additionally, it recreates the conversation between two players who invented the famous "wall pass" play. The filming, carried out a day before the centenary of the historic final, featured the presence of the great-grandson of one of the historical players, adding a personal and emotional touch to the project.

Garland added:

"The exhaustive casting process to find actors who closely resembled the original players was key to the project's authenticity. The recreation of the dressing rooms and the art was also meticulously researched, with garments, boots, and jackets specifically made for the occasion. In some cases, colours had to be imagined due to the lack of written records."


The founder and director of Olga Lee concluded:

"The recreation of the era and projects that combine narrative and historical elements are a hallmark of Oliver and his production company. This project for Yerba Armiño is not only a tribute to a glorious moment in Uruguayan sports but also a celebration of our traditions and values. With this commitment by the agency and the client, we are making one more audiovisual contribution to the national cultural heritage. We invite everyone to compare photos of the real players with those of the actors and enjoy this production that captures the essence of our history with a passionate and detailed approach."

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