Common People Films

A modern-day production company. Producers, Creators, Directors and Idea-Makers with Brands, Agencies, Record Labels, TV & Film.

They are an independent production company who produce TV and film. They also produce content for brands, agencies and music labels. They are creators. They started this production company for a few reasons.

Firstly, they have some great concepts and ideas and look to translate them into meaningful films and TV shows by collaborating with very talented partners. ​

Secondly, they have learnt over the years that the traditional agency model has changed; budgets need to work harder and 'reach the screen’ while still maintaining a high level of production value and captivating creative. They wanted to work with forward thinking agencies and directly with brands to achieve better results, both creatively and financially. They want to work for brands who know their core values and that value their customers and all of them. Ultimately, they love the visual medium and feel creativity is the bloodline to all things amazing.

So now they’re putting all our energies into building something which uses the best from everything we have learnt in our combined years in the creative industries. They hope you enjoy what they do whether it be for a brand, you see their film or watch our programmes on telly. ​ They all have one thing in Common.

We’re all People.

Latest News

Sep. 23, 2021

The One Club Announces Global Finalists For Young Guns 19

This year’s winners will be announced online on October 27, 2021

Sep. 23, 2021

HAMLET Sign Alan Masferrer to Roster

Alan Masferrer started out as a creative at an advertising agency in Barcelona but his heart was in directing films