Global Street Art

Global Street Art exists with a mission “To live in painted cities”.

Jun. 08, 2023

Global Street Art Unveil London's Largest QR Code at 100 Mare Street

The hand-painted QR code by talented local artists launches a media-first wall in the heart of Hackney

Jun. 07, 2023

Global Street Art Partners with Hypercell for Crowd Measurement Analysis

The technology enables Global Street Art to provide more data insight into audience trends for out of home advertising

Apr. 21, 2023

Stratford-upon-Avon Uses Street Art Installation to Mark William Shakespeare’s Birthday and Regenerate Local High Street

These art pieces have been created and built using contemporary techniques in 3D installation

Apr. 19, 2023

Global Street Art Joins Forces with GOSH Charity for TCS London Marathon Mural

Global Street Art works alongside GOSH Charity to create a mural in just 4.5 hours, the average TCS London Marathon finish time

Mar. 13, 2023

Global Street Art Joins ROUTE to Provide Audience Measurement of Hand-Painted Advertising

In an industry first, media planners can now access mural locations via ROUTE

Latest News

Sep. 30, 2023

JvM Nerd & Stunning Studio Create Own Multi-Brand Fortnite Game Experience

KICKZ M3TA, the Metaverse joint venture that includes basketball and fashion retailer KICKZ, Jung von Matt NERD, and brandneo, is launching the "Mooncourt"

Sep. 29, 2023

How Effective Music Collaboration Elevates Ad Quality

Music collaboration, by bringing together diverse talents and perspectives, significantly elevates the effectiveness of an advertisement