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My work as a music supervisor

(and human) hinges on two

critical things: processes and

relationships. At the heart of

both is listening.

The approach I bring to listening to myriad pieces of music every day is methodical and orderly. With joy and purpose, I take in each track, filtering and curating the songs that will one day become the voice and story behind powerful ads or standout cues in films and TV shows. There is an art to this kind of listening, for sure, and I’ve found there’s also a science, based on years of designing and refining the ways I manage my time and catalog my findings.

The intention I bring to managing and maintaining relationships with both clients and key allies is also dependent on good listening. I strive for presence in every exchange, coupling compassion and a head for details so that I’m able to negotiate effectively in a formidable space where creativity and commerce overlap. I pay attention to details and nuances, which often guide me to insights beyond the brief and deepen partnerships. And I adapt nimbly when a client comes to me with a new direction or unexpected challenge.

The payoff for being a good listener is clear in my results. I bring projects in on time and on budget, and celebrate work that we can all be proud of.

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