Karhu Beer

Karhu is a Finnish beer brand owned by the Sinebrychoff brewery, part of the Carlsberg Group. Karhu, meaning bear in Finnish, is a pale lager with a strong taste.

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Karhu is a Finnish beer brand owned by the Sinebrychoff brewery, part of the Carlsberg Group. Karhu, meaning bear in Finnish, is a pale lager with a strong taste.

The brewing of Karhu began in 1929. As of 2020, Karhu 4.6% had the sixth largest market share of all Finnish beers sold in shops and Karhu 5.3% the ninth. The original Pori Brewery was bought by Sinebrychoff in 1972. From 2006 the beer has been made in a new brewery in Kerava. The Pori brewery was closed in 2009.

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