We are a grassroots army of volunteers who have come together to create the next NY and support our creative community.

It's a We Moment, not a Me Moment. A group of volunteer NYers pulled together to create NYCNext with one goal: To help the city we love recover and rebuild, and to energize and inspire others to act by creating moments of joy. If you love NYC, this is a chance to give back and help those who are now struggling.

Latest News

Oct. 25, 2021

Agency Troup Officially Launches with Matt Dimmer and David Whaite at the Helm

Announcement comes on heels of several project wins

Oct. 25, 2021

PartyCasino's High-Octane Ad Offers Exclusive Access to the World of Formula 1

Boutique VFX and finishing house Stone Dogs works with SNAP LDN