Pura Utz

Pura Utz is all about meaningful products of high quality. We connect conscious people through caring and happy craftsmanship and are here to make products that mean something special

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We make everything from sweet and fruity earrings to bubbly bags, eternal flowers, and spectacular fruit crowns. Beadwork is our specialty and all products are handmade with 100% AMOR by our amazing team in Guatemala.In its simplest form, Pura Utz means pure quality. Our name carries many meanings that are connected to high standards of wisdom and craft.

Latest News

Aug. 11, 2022

Cornett Debuts Ambitious "Here For It" Local Journalism Campaign With Gannett

The largest U.S. newspaper publisher is launching an ambitious brand campaign to promote local journalism

Aug. 10, 2022

Serviceplan Group Launches Serviceplan Make: The First Integrated Production Company for Branded Neo-narratives

With 800+ talents, Serviceplan Make is deeply integrated in the Group's creative