Sitios de Memoria - Uruguay

Research and documentary compilation on State terrorism and the memories of the popular movement.

May. 05, 2023

Documents from the Uruguayan Dictatorship are Backed up on Blockchain to Preserve their Integrity

It is a collaborative project between the innovation and communication company Innvented, Sitios de Memoria - Uruguay, and Futuria

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Jul. 15, 2024

"Everybody is a Champion at Something" Campaign by KesselsKramer Celebrates the Summer of Champions

You might not be the fastest runner or the best drummer, but you’re still a champion at something

Jul. 15, 2024

Yes& and FEMA New Campaign Flips the Script on Flood Insurance as Ominous 2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season Looms

There’s little to celebrate regarding this year’s Atlantic hurricane season, which is forecast to be the most active on record