A Long Call Leads to Disaster in Tense Film from CANAL+

A Long Call Leads to Disaster in Tense Film from CANAL+

Apr. 10, 2024

For decades, we have been captivated by action movies starring larger-than-life heroes such as Bruce Willis, Harrison Ford or Tom Cruise. And these actors - always playing good guys in movies – got us used to witty monologues full of heart but often way too long. These dialogues have become memeifed to the point that we now expect to hear them in those types of movies and no longer question them as viewers. However, when you think about it, these interactions are rarely essential to the plot. And they often occur at odd moments, right in the middle of the heightened tension. Who has never felt impatient listening to a hero's monologue while watching an action flick ? Who's never uttered under their breath "Come on, just kill him already !!!" Sometimes, shorter is better.

That's exactly the premise of SUPER, the new short film created by BETC Paris for CANAL+, that uses action movies tropes. A way for CANAL+, the main partner of French cinema, to reaffirm its commitment to creation in all its forms. 

The film takes us in the middle of a tense situation where decisiveness is desperately needed. Well, under the right consequences ... Because our hero is not starring in a feature film but a short film ... So, fasten your seatbelt, some turbulence is to be expected.

SUPER will start airing on April 9th on CANAL+ video streaming platform and online.

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