Ad of the Day | "Drink More" Campaign Encourages the Youth to Drink Responsibly When They Party

Ad of the Day | "Drink More" Campaign Encourages the Youth to Drink Responsibly When They Party

Jul. 30, 2021

After long months spent in lockdown, this summer it’s finally time to reunite and party. A time during which the label Responsible Party wants to prevent the overconsumption of alcohol amongst young adults, by telling them to drink more… water. A clear and realistic message, that runs counter to what we are accustomed to seeing in preventive campaigns.

“Drink More Water” – that’s the simple message from the Responsible Party project. Drink water to hydrate your brain, to remain in control and to avoid hangovers.

By highlighting ultra-authentic real-life moments with heady music playing, this campaign reminds us of how too much alcohol can lead us to situations where we don’t exactly cover ourselves in glory.

We’ve all seen that one guy blacked out in a corner at a party with drawings all over his face, the guy who ends up in fights with road signs on the street, or the guy who falls asleep at the bar…
Don’t want to be that guy? Drink more… water.

An online video, social media and print campaign, broadcasting worldwide from July 29th in the United-Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Mexico, Latin America, followed by other countries.

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