AE Production Teams Up With Brazilian Superstar Anitta for New BODYARMOR Flash I.V. Campaign

AE Production Teams Up With Brazilian Superstar Anitta for New BODYARMOR Flash I.V. Campaign

Jun. 18, 2024

AE Production, a full-service production company, unveils its latest integrated campaign for BODYARMOR Flash I.V. In collaboration with First Tube Media, the innovative project featuring Brazilian Music Artist and BODYARMOR partner Anitta, was brought to life using a cutting-edge volume wall and shot virtually in Miami.

EP Derrick Nevot shared:

“This campaign is a perfect example of what AE Production excels at. We thrive on incorporating new, exciting, and innovative technology into our projects at every opportunity. By using a volume wall, we were able to create a virtual environment that seamlessly blended with practical elements and actors, resulting in a natural and realistic feel. Anitta could genuinely engage with the camera and her surroundings, avoiding the complexities of filming at a real concert with thousands of attendees.”


AE Production brought on award-winning Director Simon Brand, known for his work on the renowned TV series, “Law & Order” and music videos for artists such as Shakira, Jessica Simpson, and Ricky Martin, to direct this campaign. Alongside him, Oscar-nominated Cinematographer Pedro Luque, celebrated for his cinematography in the 2023 Netflix film, “Society Of The Snow,” also contributed his exceptional visual storytelling skills.


Brand expressed:

“As a Latino myself, I love working with Latin talents. It allows us to infuse our rich culture into everything we create. Collaborating with Anitta, one of today’s most iconic Latin artists, brought an incredible energy to the set. We combined her magnetic presence with our unique visual style to create something bold that perfectly complements BODYARMOR’s vibrant brand, resulting in something truly special.”


Miami based AE Production caters to businesses and organizations seeking top-tier video content. Backed by an experienced team capable of managing projects spanning from single-camera interviews to multi-camera, large-scale captures, AE Production delivers seamless execution from pre-production to completion. Their work can be seen in notable projects for clients such as Anheuser-Busch, Adidas, Royal Caribbean, Sherwin Williams, Lifewater, Bulova, Verizon, Burger King, Toyota and more.

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