Amnesty International Partners with Republica Havas Around Soccer's Gender-Based Violence and Take Action for the Cause

Amnesty International Partners with Republica Havas Around Soccer's Gender-Based Violence and Take Action for the Cause

Mar. 27, 2024

Republica Havas and Havas Peru recently joined forces with Amnesty International Peru to call attention to the rise in gender-based violence incidents ignited by soccer team losses, both domestically and internationally.

Research indicates a direct – and sobering – correlation between soccer game losses and increases in gender-based violence cases. When a team loses a game, violence against women increases on average by 25% in Peru and up to 34% globally.

The bilingual campaign is presented in English and Spanish and spans three dynamic images, each featuring a woman impacted by gender-based violence and in a specific color that ties back to the featured team’s uniforms – Mary, Sophie, and Sarah.

Janis Amayo, Account Director, Havas Peru said:

"We cannot fight this important cause if we are not made aware of the problem. This campaign exposes the emotional and physical impacts of what happens in the corners of the home when soccer teams lose games, and it helps us better educate the community so that we can work together to end gender-based violence."


Vanessa Bolanos, Managing Director, Republica Havas Health added:

"What happens on the soccer field sometimes results in painful and unforgivable results off the field. This moving campaign presents the pain of game defeats, not only for the losing team but, sadly, for women, many of whom suffer the consequences at the hands of men who take out their disappointment and anger on them. Republica Havas is proud to collaborate with Amnesty International to bring this harsh reality to light in the hopes of supporting the victims and putting an end to this monstrous problem."

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