Audible and Fold7 Highlight Genres with Playful OOH Campaign

Audible and Fold7 Highlight Genres with Playful OOH Campaign

Nov. 30, 2023

Audible and Fold7, a leading provider of spoken word entertainment, have launched an innovative outdoor campaign demonstrating  how storytelling can dramatically transform our every day.

The "This is The Story" campaign, created by Fold7, features special-build outdoor ads focusing on three of the many genres available on Audible; sci-fi, true crime and fantasy.

Each execution leans into its genre with the use of lighting, 3D artwork and FX.   The fantasy genre looks as though it’s been attacked by a ferocious dragon, appearing scratched, burnt and still smouldering with the help of LED lighting and smoke emanating from it. The poster reads: "This is the story of that motorway drive which turned into a real dragon awoken from its century-long slumber beneath the cursed mountain."

The OOH for Sci-Fi appears to be beamed up out of the media space and into the sky, with an eerie light glowing from behind the poster site, along with smoke to give it an other-worldly atmosphere. The poster reads: "This is the story of that time you waited to get picked up by an alien race that had been quietly planning its attack on Earth for decades."

The True Crime execution looks like it has been broken into through a large hole which has been cut into the billboard. Inside the hole is the interior of a bank vault with gold bars, which was painted by a 3D perspective artist.. The poster reads: "This is the story of that lunch break when you went to the fridge and found someone had stolen your £53 million in the biggest bank heist in British history." 

The campaign tagline is: "Audible. For the story you need right now”.

The campaign will run through to early December on 4 major outdoor sites across London and Manchester.

Albert Hogan, Senior Director Brand and Content at Audible, said:

“With our partners Fold7, we set an ambition to create impactful OOH executions that not only showcase the transformative power of listening, but also establish the range of genres available to our listeners – showcasing  Audible as the ultimate home of storytelling.”


Dave Billing, ECD at Fold7, said: 

"Our “This Is The Story” campaign for Audible is the gift that keeps giving. We were tasked with using special build OOH sites to demonstrate how truly transformational great audio content can be. We’ve got aliens, dragons and bank heists all bringing a surprising twist to the everyday. We hope they bring a little visual delight to Britain’s wintry streets."

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