BIEN Creates a Video on Modern Social Protection Policy for World Bank

BIEN Creates a Video on Modern Social Protection Policy for World Bank

Sep. 25, 2019

BIEN, a motion design studio, created a two-minute animated short film to promote modern social protection and risk-sharing policies for their client, The World Bank Group. Global drivers of disruption such as technology, the gig economy, and climate change are quickly diversifying and shaping how people work. To reach the development goals of ending extreme poverty and increasing shared prosperity, the goal of the film was to communicate the main messages of the report to a broad audience and help them understand the importance and relevance of these issues to their lives.

In high-income countries across the world, more and more workers are making a living in the gig economy. In developing countries, work has always been informal and fluid. This requires governments to create new ways of thinking about social protection as a way to protect against catastrophic economic shocks and to support the eradication of poverty. The World Bank wants to reach a broad audience with their thinking and tapped BIEN because of their experience in the global development space.


Hung Le, Creative Director at BIEN, said:

“How can we distill 160 pages of analysis and policy recommendations into a two-minute film? This was the question The World Bank posed to us. To accomplish this, we worked with the World Bank team to zero in on the report’s key messages. Using 2D and 3D graphics, illustrations and sound design to create a surreal world, we brought viewers along a journey to see how low and high-income country workers alike are converging in the world of work. We used the “surreal world” as a visual tool to indicate the globality of the issues discussed in the report, which affect both the developed and developing world. ”


Ricardo Roberts, Executive Producer, added:

“We knew this would be an opportunity to play a role in making technical but important material accessible to a wider audience. As a studio, our goal was simple: to make the best video ever created about social protection and risk-sharing policy.”

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