Boycott or not Boycott? That is the Question that Football Fans are Facing During the 2022 World Cup

Boycott or not Boycott? That is the Question that Football Fans are Facing During the 2022 World Cup

Nov. 26, 2022

FR vs DEN on the menu not on TV

So Foot, the leading football French publication, does not boycott the tournament and covers the World Cup to let football fans know what is going on in Qatar on and off the pitch. But So Foot is also aware that millions of supporters are on the fence about the event.

So, for those that have decided to skip watching the World Cup, So Foot came up with an alternative conceived by ad agency BETC and has launched a restaurant called ... So Food. Because if there is one thing that French people will never boycott is our shared love of food and gastronomy.

During each game of the French Football National Team, this original establishment will become the home of all those that have decided to not watch the competition. With the help of a renowned chef, guests will get to learn during 90 minutes how to cook a meal with recipes inspired by France's group stage opponents: Australia, Denmark and Tunisia.

All the meals prepared by the guests of the restaurant will be offered to the charity #onremplitlefrigo (that translates to “we fill your fridge”) that collects and distributes meal boxes to students in need.

The first event took place on Tuesday evening. While France and Australia battled on the football pitch in Qatar, both countries also faced each other on a plate at So Food:

  • sausage roll, chicory salad
  • chicken parma
  • fruit pavlova

The next cooking experience will be dedicated to Danish delicacies and will take place on Saturday the 26th of November during France vs Denmark. Yummy.

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