Burger King Can't Wait For You To Get Back To Your Bad Habits

Burger King Can't Wait For You To Get Back To Your Bad Habits

Jun. 10, 2021

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen you in our restaurants; almost 8 months. And BURGER KING® is so eager to see you all again on June 9. You, our dear indecisive ones who change your mind 300 times at the counter. You, the little rascals who come to use the WiFi without ordering anything (or just a coffee). You, the innocently clueless ones who forget your trays on the table on the way out… All of you. Even the wonderful fussy kids who cry for one more toy and those who think that they can order items off our fellow burger-chain’s menu.

To celebrate this event, BURGER KING® has prepared a film highlighting all of your annoying (but lovable) little behaviors to remind you that they missed you, despite your shortcomings.

And especially for the French: the brand also launches the “SCRATCH A WHOPPER®” game. In which you will win a prize 100% of the time, drawn from a lot of millions of gifts – it could be a trip, a car, a scooter, … or for the luckiest ones, the Grail: a WHOPPER®!

The game is available only in France, from 8/06 to 05/07, on the purchase of a menu on the BURGER KING® mobile application.

The campaign, available on TV, social media and in-stores, is composed of two films (30″ and 10″). The first film is online from June 5th, and the second from June 8th.

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