Cannes Lions: The Best Award For An Ad Is When It Is Actually Seen

Cannes Lions: The Best Award For An Ad Is When It Is Actually Seen

Jun. 20, 2022

The Cannes ad festival wouldn't be Cannes without the venerable tradition of scam ads.

Those campaigns, designed solely for the awards, which (almost) nobody ever sees... Except for the agency that sends it and the jury members who watch it, of course. But an ad is more useful when you see it.

That's why Adriver, the leading mobile advertising company, is rolling out an anti-scam ad operation during Cannes Lions this year.

If you're in Cannes during this week, keep your eyes peeled for Adriver vehicles offering  creatives the chance to broadcast their ghost/scam on Adriver's devices for real. To participate, simply upload your desired creative to a the best scam ad will win a week of advertising time from Adriver. Because the best ads are the ones you really see.

With more than 60,000 vehicles of all kinds (trucks, buses, taxis/VTCs and Caocao), Adriver Group makes it possible to broadcast any campaign easily and quickly throughout France and Europe.

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