Deezer's new Quirky ad Shows that Music Infectious Energy Simply Can't be Contained

Deezer's new Quirky ad Shows that Music Infectious Energy Simply Can't be Contained

Nov. 20, 2023

Deezer has unveiled its new brand campaign in France, created with ad agency BETC Paris. The campaign brings Deezer’s new brand signature to life: Live the Music - both the embodiment of Deezer’s vision of music and a call to people to let go and experience music to the fullest.

In the film, directed by Brazilian director Nogari from Iconoclast, we follow a group of amateur ballet dancers during their weekly class when a sudden and unexpected change of music shifts the vibe. The upbeat music throws them into a dancing frenzy, allowing everyone to break free from the constraints of the class, express themselves through music and connect with each other in a quirky, exhilarating and liberating dance. The music changes again causing the class to dance even more wildly, adapting to the change in genre.

The big reveal comes at the end of the film when we realize the cause of the change in music is from a passerby outside the class who accidentally connected her Deezer app to the ballet studio instead of her wireless headphones, inadvertently causing the beautiful chaos inside.

 David Martin Angelus, Creative Director BETC Paris said:

"You know when a song that’s so infectious starts playing and you simply can’t avoid tapping your feet. That moment you finally let go and just go with it. We wanted to take that to another level of crazy in this ad."


Deezer inspires and empowers music fans to "Live the music" through experiences .The film perfectly captures the spirit at the core of Deezer’s beliefs.

Maria Garrido, CMO of Deezer, said:

Music is a human experience that is meant to be felt, shared and lived.


Deezer have made it their mission to offer their users a richer music experience, beyond streaming. As a pioneer in streaming in the mid 2000s, Deezer now offers immersive and seamless features and experiences to let fans “Live the music” across the world.

Since November 13th, Deezer users have access to Shaker – the only social music feature on the market that allows any group of friends to effortlessly create a playlist of 70 songs, matching everyone’s taste – no matter the streaming platform used.

This new feature is only the latest addition to the list of experience-enhancing features already available through the app like HiFi audio for all, exclusive sessions with top artists, the AI generated infinite mix Flow, music quizzes, lyrics translation or concert suggestions based on preferences and localization.

Deezer also got a glow-up this November, with Deezer’s new brand identity, designed by Koto, being deployed through a new in-app immersive experience.

Deezer is the champion of emerging talents:

The ad is supported by 2 highly infectious tracks: "Kitipo" by Dixson Waz x La Tukiti (feat Amenazandel) and "Boom Shaka" by Muzi. This choice highlights Deezer’s ongoing commitment to support emerging talents from across the world and keep the musical scene as fresh and alive as possible.

To bring the ad to life, BETC Paris enlisted upcoming Brazilian director Nogari, who is starting to build a name for himself after directing commercials for iconic brands like Apple or Budweiser and shooting music videos for music superstars such as Selena Gomez & Rauw Alejandro and Tove Lo.

Nogari explained:

In this film, music acts as an automatic liberator. When the right track comes in, suddenly your body is free to express itself. It’s exciting, it’s liberating, it’s completely and absolutely freeing. So, I wanted to feel the escape to showcase the Deezer effect


This vision was further brought to life by the collaboration with the British choreographer Sherrie Silver, who created the infectious dances and worked with the cast to execute bold and quirky dance moves. She has previously worked with Grammy Winner Childish Gambino for his “This Is America” music video, for which she received the MTV Music Video Award for Best Choreography in 2018.

Sherrie Silver added:

We tailored each character’s choreography to their skillset as well as work alongside them to amplify their authentic personality. Some characters will free themselves with moves that feel out of control… while others will reveal their passion for reggaeton moves or voguing, revealing a new side of their personality. As their moves inspire one another, we see them bonding, having fun together and feeling very much alive.”


The film was produced by Iconoclast.

The “Live The Music” campaign will be broadcast on television in France and Brazil and also online globally

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