Droga5 London Takes Viewers on an Unpredictable Journey with Debut Work for Royal Enfield

Droga5 London Takes Viewers on an Unpredictable Journey with Debut Work for Royal Enfield

Nov. 29, 2023

In their first campaign since winning the global ADV business this past summer, Droga5 London, part of Accenture Song, worked with Royal Enfield to launch their new motorcycle, the Himalayan.

The bike was designed for the unpredictability of the Himalayas, and the new global identity takes inspiration from the ‘change of plan’’ mindset that is required when traversing the infamous mountains.

A key device in the identity, the line, is built to take viewers on a visual journey that is as unpredictable as the one that they would navigate themselves.

Photography, shot on location in the Himalayas by Achille Mauri, showcases the true harsh beauty of the vast landscape, capturing the gritty realities of an exhilarating road trip on the mountain.

The campaign identity flexes from OOH and social sites to a product book, merchandise and apparel, where the visual language proved its malleability and strength, in telling the same unpredictable adventure story in a multitude of ways. From A to ?

Adarsh Saxena, Global Brand Lead-Adventure, Royal Enfield said:

"Every single ride in the Himalayas is different. The mountains are ever-changing, and the new Royal Enfield Himalayan is a creature of this dynamic environment. We wanted the design to be distinctive, ownable and one that takes people on a unique ride. The campaign has tapped into our adaptive adventure mindset and supports the multi-faceted launch with a focus on balance; rugged imagery alongside structured line work. Using this, we lead our viewers on a joint journey, partnering the All-New Himalayan with their own journey of self-discovery."


Matteo Alabiso Design director, Droga5 London, part of Accenture Song said:

"What I love about this campaign is that it feels intuitive, it’s elemental, and it invites the viewer to decode it. Finding the perfect balance between clear messaging while maintaining an element of discovery was key. The viewer gets to experience the adventure first hand, leaving them wanting to take on a harsh journey that only the Royal Enfield Himalayan could take on."


Shelley Smoler Chief Creative Officer, Droga5 London, part of Accenture Song said:

"The Royal Enfield Himalayan was inspired by the Himalayas, where every twist and turn is an unpredictable adventure waiting to unfold. And we thought, why not let everyone catch a glimpse of that epic ride? Whether you're looking at of our ads, checking the website, flipping through the brochures, or sporting the merch, it's like you're right there on that journey in the heart of the mountains. It's not every day you get to craft a campaign that packs a punch at every single touchpoint of the user's journey, and now that we’ve caught the bug, we want to make more."

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