EsPlasticos and Shackleton are Opening a Museum

EsPlasticos and Shackleton are Opening a Museum

May. 12, 2021

EsPlásticos, the platform that brings together the different agents that make up the sector, has opened the world's first plastic museum that is 100% recyclable: The Plastic Museum. This initiative was developed by Shackleton to raise our awareness of how plastics contribute to society when they are used correctly, and to visually show that the problem arises when their waste is not managed properly or the material is used irresponsibly.

A museum is born in Madrid that opens its doors with a view to closing and recycling them in an effort to elicit public reflection on plastics, those materials that offer so much to society and for which we have effective and sustainable recycling solutions that require everyone's collaboration to combat and overcome the problem of marine litter.

The Plastic Museum was inaugurated by Mr Jose Luis Martínez-Almeida, Mayor of Madrid, who declared:

“This museum should make us realise that plastic itself is not good or bad; rather, it depends on how we use it. And so we acknowledge the importance of reducing, recycling and reusing plastic”.


Alicia Martín, spokesperson for Esplásticos said:

“This museum focuses on the importance of using plastic, and its contribution to protecting the environment through every phase: ecodesign, use, reuse and recyclingIt also shows how it can contribute in the fight against climate change by lowering energy consumption and CO2 emissions”.


Not only does the museum contain plastic, it is built entirely from this material. Through the pieces that can be found inside, such as essential objects for health care, communication, construction, food and sustainable mobility, visitors will be able to learn everything that plastics offer us when they are properly used. They will also be able to visually understand that the problem arises when plastic waste is not managed properly or the material is used irresponsibly.

Abelardo Bethencourt, CEO of Public, Shackleton's public affairs division, said:

“From a public affairs point of view, this project is pioneering in influencing public opinion to change political reality. ‘Traditional’ public affairs provide a lever of influence to public decision-makers, but today, with an increasingly informed society that has the capacity to influence, public opinion has to be prompted in order to drive political outcomes. That is why projects that try to convey to society an alternative story about a prevailing issue must be approached creatively from a political angle. Companies must not only communicate their products and services, but the role they play in society. It is becoming increasingly important to mind this aspect, since it will be decisive to the regulations that end up being applied to them”.


Tania Riera, Creative Director, stated:

“The idea was born in the form of a museum. But one that a few weeks later will live on in a beach spade or a designer pencil holder. The message will keep travelling in this collection of souvenirs from the only museum in the world that will recycle itself to make them”.


Located in Madrid, in the Plaza de Juan Goytisolo, next to the Reina Sofía Museum, the museum will be open to the public through 16 May from 11 AM to 7 PM. Admission is free. On 17 May, World Recycling Day, it will be disassembled and all its parts will be reused and recycled in order to convey how important these actions are to get the most out of these materials.

In addition to the museum building itself and its collection, the initiative includes the website, a virtual tour of its rooms and pieces, and outdoor, audiovisual and social media advertising campaigns.

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