Finn Keenan Weaves Together Heartfelt Family Moments in New Bord Gais Energy Campaign

Finn Keenan Weaves Together Heartfelt Family Moments in New Bord Gais Energy Campaign

May. 21, 2019

One of Ireland's leading energy suppliers, Bord Gáis Energy, teams up with Publicis Dublin and production company, Motherland, to launch its latest campaign.

Directed by Finn Keenan, the beautifully-shot 60-second ad uses heartfelt montages of one family to demonstrate the myriad of ways customers can benefit from Bord Gáis Energy’ services. The moments range from the everyday to the more unexpected - from keeping the house cosy and warm, to unforgettable experiences such as a VIP night-out at the theatre or the opportunity to be a flag-bearer at the GAA hurling championships. Smart camera work seamlessly connects each transition, whilst maintaining the narrative’s momentum and lighthearted tone.

Director Finn Keenan Comments:

“Stylistically, the brief was quite open. The agency wanted to get from scene to scene with interesting transitions. So I took their script and just had fun coming up with interesting ways we could get from one scene to the next. For me it was important the ad almost felt like one shot, the camera bringing the viewer on a journey through this family's life.  I worked with cinematographer Ula Pontikas on creating a cinematic look with really dynamic camera moments. She really is a master of her craft and I couldn’t be happier with the job she did. We had four shoot days which was fantastic because we needed to do a lot of camera rehearsal for each shot.”


In order to achieve the fluid camera moves, the production required pinpoint logistics and on-the-spot problem solving.

Finn Keenan adds:

“Because of the nature of the ad each take had to be an exact length and there were very specific marks to hit. Luckily we had the luxury of time to rehearse these until we got them right. The hardest shot to get right was the shot that pulls out of the handlebars of the bike at the end. I think we did over 30 takes of that shot. There were just so many variables. We had a tracking vehicle that had to match the speed of the bike, then pull out quick enough to reveal the family, who needed to hit particular marks to be visible, all the while making sure 3 kids all manage to stay on their bikes!”


Executive Creative Director at Publicis Dublin, Ronan Nulty, comments on working with Motherland:

“In the wrong hands, a montage can get mangled. Finn and the Motherland team love their craft and understand when to take things up a notch. The requirement here was for a brand film with scope for modular short pieces relevant to different times, places and needs. They’ve helped us capture the benefits of being a Bord Gáis Energy customer in a seamless and beautiful way.”

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