Flex Empowers Unlikely Allies to Speak with Earnest Honesty About Periods

Flex Empowers Unlikely Allies to Speak with Earnest Honesty About Periods

Jul. 20, 2021

In Flex’s first ever mass awareness campaign created by VIA agency and produced by internati onal production company 1stAveMachine the top-selling sustainable  period brand in the United States,a few unlikely allies share the truth about periods and traditional period products with the world.

These are not your typical period ads that have long been the brunt of advertising jokes – there are no hushed tones, confined to the bathroom, blue goo, or shades of pink. This is a new way to speak with all menstruators with a fresh, honest perspective.

The three 15” spots are directed by 1stAveMachines Em Cole, and feature real people who, for once, do not embody the typical period consumer, but rather the tropes of people who have often perpetuated misinformation, denial, and shame around periods. By empowering them to speak openly and bluntly about periods, the brand can usher in a new, more positive, and transparent reality for menstruators everywhere.

The brand itself represents a major cultural shift from “Feminine Care” and the creative tropes that go with it, to “Period Care” and creating non-gendered work that appeals to all Menstruators.

The campaign is running now.

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