Forsman & Bodenfors Collaborates with Therabody on "The Workout Called Life"

Forsman & Bodenfors Collaborates with Therabody on "The Workout Called Life"

Oct. 05, 2023

Wellness tech industry leader Therabody announces its most transformative launch to date, revealing three new Theragun devices designed to serve a wider range of customer pain points than ever before, plus a brand refresh that includes a groundbreaking marketing campaign, "The Workout Called Life."

At the core of this evolution is the next generation of Theragun devices – three pivotal product introductions:

Theragun PRO Plus

Engineered with six cutting-edge treatments, Theragun PRO Plus is Therabody’s ultimate multi-therapy massage device designed to push the boundaries of recovery and propel individuals to reach peak physical and mental performance. This innovative model is tailored specifically for prosumers (professional medical and therapeutic practitioners) and athletes of all kinds, including weekend warriors, and designed to support top-tier performance and recovery. It is the company’s most advanced and powerful device ever with six therapies featuring:

  • Near infrared LED light therapy penetrates deep into muscles and joints to stimulate circulation and boost healing
  •  Vibration therapy to directly treat joints and more sensitive areas
  •  Heat therapy to help accelerate warm-up and improve mobility
  • Cold therapy (sold separately) to help reduce the swelling and inflammation that can cause pain
  • Breathwork protocols that provide gentle haptic vibrations that indicate when to inhale and when to exhale, offering the relaxation benefits of deep, slow breathing
  • Built-in Heart Rate Sensor reads your heart rate to deliver personalized feedback. The device can pair with free routines in the Therabody App that help reduce heart rate to alleviate the symptoms of stress.
  • Theragun signature Percussive therapy that ranges from deep tissue massage to lighter pressure for scientifically-proven recovery from soreness and pain.

Available now at and select retailers.

Therabody Founder and Chief Wellness Officer, Dr. Jason Wersland said:

"Since the first Theragun, we’ve worked nonstop to deliver our proven science quietly and incorporate LED therapy. My vision has always been to get Theragun into as many people’s hands as possible - to help as many people as we can. This new generation of devices takes us one-step closer to that as these innovations make the Theragun more accessible and effective than ever before."


The company also announced an expanded Therabody App experience and, significantly, partnered with Forsman & Bodenfors on a brand refresh that includes customer-inspired, benefits-driven packaging and merchandising, and a 360-degree broadcast media campaign–The Workout Called Life. Therabody products will now fall into one of three pillars:

Science-backed solutions to relieve pain, enhance sleep, and reduce stress, so you feel better.

Science-backed solutions to optimize warm-up, mobility, and athletic recovery, enabling you to perform better.

Clinically-proven solutions to tone and contour, reduce fine lines, and improve the appearance and radiance of the skin.

Therabody CEO, Monty Sharma said:

"We've always been at the forefront of innovation in recovery. This evolution is about our best-in-class, cutting-edge, most powerful Theragun device ever for quicker recovery and better performance, but at the same time, it's about expanding our reach to people with a range of daily lifestyles from parents to delivery drivers and nurses, making the promise of relief and recovery more accessible than ever before."


Listening and evolving based on customer feedback, Therabody has reimagined its packaging and merchandising strategies, placing the focus on
clear communication of benefits to ensure that the tangible advantages of each Theragun device are immediately apparent so that consumers find the
right one for their lifestyle.

In order to reach these new audiences with both the new products and their specific benefits, the brand is also launching a new marketing campaign, "The Workout Called Life." Featuring six distinct characters that include a grandfather, office workers, parents, frontline workers and more, the campaign reframes the idea of a workout and emphasizes the unique role of recovery in every individual's life. Each narrative delves into the hero’s unique daily challenges and showcases how Theragun devices can be their essential daily recovery ally to aid them in enjoying life to the fullest.

John Solomon, Therabody’s Chief Marketing Officer remarked:

"Every individual, no matter their background or daily routine, faces challenges. With "The Workout Called Life", we're underscoring the universal need for recovery and how our expanded product range can be a game-changer."


Therabody invites everyone to experience this new era of wellness with these products available starting today at Therabody Retail Stores, Best Buy, Target, and more. With its evolved vision, cutting-edge products, and relatable campaign, the brand renews its commitment to enhancing lives, proving that every challenge in the "workout called life" can be faced head-on with the right recovery partner.

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