Herezie Shows Better is More Expensive with "Free Money" Campaign for Free

Herezie Shows Better is More Expensive with "Free Money" Campaign for Free

Mar. 11, 2021

French mobile operator Free has been regularly disrupting the country’s market since 2002. Today, they are continuing to make the latest innovations more accessible with a new unlimited 5G mobile offer… at the same price as its 4G plan. 

If it’s better, it’s more expensive… Not at Free 

To communicate the extremely competitive offer, Paris agency Herezie created a campaign built on insight and a long-standing financial principle: when it’s better, it’s more expensive. 

  • The saga

The campaign lays out a series of scenarios (cavemen bartering, trades between gangsters, soccer transfers, the choice of weapon in video games), each illustrating, in the brand’s characteristic light-hearted, mischievous tone, that it costs more if you want something better. 

Each film ends with the same impactful conclusion: “Not at Free”, emphasizing the exceptional nature of the offer.  

  • Signature playful treatment

To direct and produce the films, Free and Herezie turned to production house Birth and its director duo, Martin Jalfen and Valentin Guiod, known for their refreshing, upbeat outlook, abounding with pop culture references (cinema, football, gaming…).

The campaign features “He’s Got My Money Now” from Czech group The Silver Spoons, a nod to the campaign’s theme which subtly reasserts the message that Free’s 5G offer is the most affordable on the market. And, as always, various easter eggs are hidden throughout the films for viewers to discover.  

  • A TV and digital media plan

The campaign was unveiled on TV and online Monday March 1st.

There will be a 1m45s long film designed for digital, and for TV 35s, 30s and 20s versions will rotate to highlight each stage. Shorter 15s versions will also be broadcast on VOL and social media. Various social activations will complement the operation over the coming weeks.  

“Free Money” consists of a 1m45s digital film as well as shorter versions – 35s, 30s, and 20s – for TV, and 15s versions broadcast on VOL and social media. A variety of social activations are also organized to accompany the campaign’s rollout over the coming weeks. 

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