Jung von Matt Collaborates with Sulwhasoo Once Again for the Launch of the Ultimate S Cream Campaign

Jung von Matt Collaborates with Sulwhasoo Once Again for the Launch of the Ultimate S Cream Campaign

Sep. 01, 2023

Esteemed creative agency Jung von Matt HANGANG and Jung von Matt NECKAR arendelighted to unveil its second collaboration with luxury skincare brand Sulwhasoo, presenting a compelling campaign for The Ultimate S Cream. This cream, containing a rare and precious ingredient - Ginseng Berry - marries traditional craftsmanship with innovative techniques to offer a unique skincare experience.

The heart of The Ultimate S Cream lies in the utilization of the rare Ginseng Berry, sourced meticulously from select ginseng plants. This intricate process melds traditional wisdom with modern methods, resulting in a cream that aims to stand out in the skincare market by offering a unique blend of tradition and innovation.

Bill Yom, Chief Creative Officer at Jung von Matt HANGANG explained:

"Our goal was to capture the essence of The Ultimate S Cream in our campaign, showcasing the balance between traditional skincare practices and modern innovation. The Ginseng Berry, a rare and precious ingredient, has been carefully harnessed for its rejuvenating properties, which have been recognized across cultures for generations. This cream symbolizes the intersection of centuries-old knowledge with contemporary skincare science."


Carolin von Karstedt, Managing Director, Jung von Matt NECKAR noted:

"Jung von Matt's collaboration with Sulwhasoo underscores the agency's strategic approach to creating impactful campaigns. Our focus was to create a campaign that not only highlights the product but also captures the essence of Sulwhasoo's commitment to skincare innovation, reflecting the brand's ethos in every aspect."



The global campaign to introduce “The Ultimate S Cream” to a wider audience features a captivating commercial as its centerpiece. This visual representation encapsulates the product's essence, merging rare natural elements, contemporary skincare advancements, and Sulwhasoo's artistic vision.

The campaign will be seen immediately across social media, other digital channels, OOH and retail outlets primarily in the China, US, Korea and European markets.

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