Kenu's Car Mounts Take Tesla to the Next Level in Sleek New Spot from Cassandra Brooksbank

Kenu's Car Mounts Take Tesla to the Next Level in Sleek New Spot from Cassandra Brooksbank

Apr. 16, 2021

Tesla may be one of the most innovative car bands on the market, but there’s always room for improvement. Premium car mount and mobile accessory brand Kenu highlights - and solves - one long-standing issue in a new campaign from Great Guns director Cassandra Brooksbank, showcasing the game-changing new Airvue mount.

After recognising that in a Tesla, there’s just no good place to put your phone, the spot proves how Kenu’s new wireless mount can not only make your life easier - but a lot more fun. Initially leading viewers to believe the spot is for Tesla, Cassandra Brooksbank twists the narrative to showcase the problems you may encounter if you don’t have a car mount, from a coffee-soaked phone to a run-in with the police. With the Airvue however, drivers and passengers can enjoy the freedom of hands-free, opening the doors to some back-seat romance and in-car karaoke - whilst avoiding any explosive accidents. 

With the Airvue mount specific to Tesla vehicles, director Cassandra Brooksbank knew it was important to get the attention of Tesla owners, creating a mock Tesla ad to catch the eye of the target audience - whilst also poking fun at some ‘car commercial conventions’ seen day to day. In order to work within Coronavirus restrictions, Cassandra chose to keep a minimal set for the production, shooting on a stage and crafting detailed storyboards for the heavy VFX work seen throughout the spot. Such a process allowed the team to develop their own unique look for the campaign, and produce some stunts - such as blowing up a Tesla Model 3 - that couldn’t have been achieved from a standard shoot. 

Cassandra Brooksbank comments:

“I loved every minute of working with Kenu. It’s always such a blast to work with a company that has a sense of humour and a great product to boot. I share a very irreverent sense of humour with the Kenu team they kept us on a long leash when it came to the jokes… not every job allows you to film a sex tape in the back seat! I also have to give a shout out to DP Matt Macar and Impossible Objects who collaborated so well to create the final spot. This also wouldn’t have happened without the meticulous work of Max Solomon. He did an expert job creating a safe set when Covid was raging and without him this shoot would not have been possible.”

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