KFC France Offers Unusual Coupons to Promote Tuesday Offer, with Help of Sid Lee

KFC France Offers Unusual Coupons to Promote Tuesday Offer, with Help of Sid Lee

Jul. 24, 2020

This summer, KFC France is bringing back one of its most exceptional offers, the TUESDAY DEAL, a bucket of 11 chicken tenders for 6.95EBut they also know that means you’ll need a big appetite, which is why they’re launching an even more exceptional offer – the Monday diet. Created by Sid Lee Paris, KFC’s new series of unexpected coupons helps customers make room for Tuesday by offering less for more. A regular-sized menu at the “discount” price of an XL menu, a free empty bucket... Customers can even find coupons, which will be in store and distributed in deliveries, for 2 free glasses of water, one fry, or its healthier counterpart, a leaf of lettuce. KFC’s generous offer, which began running July 13th, will be available until July 27th.

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