KIA Captures Magical Family Reunion in Desert Wilderness for New Campaign

KIA Captures Magical Family Reunion in Desert Wilderness for New Campaign

May. 24, 2023

KIA has teamed up with Great Guns USA director Bruce St. Clair for a heartwarming campaign shot in the California desert.

The campaign centres on members of a family, each in a different KIA car which effortlessly navigates the winding trails of a remote rocky expanse. Under a setting sun, they exit the vehicles to huddle together under a vast rock face, onto which the younger generation projects old videos of their parents - a unique celebration of their anniversary.

David & Goliath gave Great Guns USA director Bruce St. Clair the brief to capture a family coming together to surprise their parents in a distant location, infused with both energy and emotion. Bruce was drawn in by the storytelling angle, keen to show how the vehicles enable the family to create special memories together.

Needing a large expanse that could accommodate the number of cars, Bruce opted to shoot on location rather than in a studio. The campaign required a unique setting only accessible by the range of cars, and was therefore shot in Blayney Ranch (Palmdale, CA), an area of desert wilderness popular for filming. It also offered a rocky outcrop for the projection of the home footage, which was then expanded further in post.

The crew then faced the challenges of navigating the weather and limited hours of daylight. The final film had to show the cars arriving at sunset, with the projection starting the moment the sunlight disappears, which couldn’t be cheated. The team had to film two hours before sunset and two after, rehearsing the position of the cars and the arrival of the family during the day to ensure none of their limited time was wasted.

Bruce St. Clair commented:

"I love filming cars and storytelling. The human element in these automotive commercials is what attracts me, showcasing how cars can play a role in creating stories, memories, adventures, rather than just being vehicles. I also enjoyed shooting on location - there’s something unique about it that drives us to get the best shot at the right moment."

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