Lucky Post's Seth Olson Brings Optimism and Hope to Animated Anti-Bullying Spot

Lucky Post's Seth Olson Brings Optimism and Hope to Animated Anti-Bullying Spot

Nov. 13, 2018

In a bright and fantastic animation by Lucky Post’s Seth Olson, a man reflects on his journey away from hostile territory, through the painful swamps of reflection and onto greener pastures ahead. The spot was created to share the healing power of counseling through a man who has reclaimed his life with a A New Day. A New Experience. A New Beginning. Designed with grinding gears and sputtering mechanics by audio engineer Scottie Richardson and reflective, whimsical music by asche&spencer, Olson crafted the piece as a catharsis, based on experience, and is being released as digital short for Cary Scott Counseling.

Fittingly, Cary Scott Counseling website home page welcomes visitors with this: Imagine if everyday of your life was a little more meaningful than the last. You have just taken the first step in finding more meaning and empowerment. It is that welcoming attitude that both Scott and Olson hope eliminates any stigmas associated with seeking help on the bumpy path of life.

Cary Scott elaborates:

“Our goal is to let people know that mental wellbeing is a normal part of life. What I really appreciate about the piece is that it presents life as it is - bumpy, unique, quirky - in a welcoming way that sheds a positive light with a focus on help and healing. Sometimes, we feel alone on our journey however each moment can present new hope.”

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