Meet the Others in Volkswagen's latest film by DDB Paris

Meet the Others in Volkswagen's latest film by DDB Paris

May. 29, 2019

Here’s something everybody can agree on: the main problem on the road is other people. Not you. The others.

Obviously. When there is a traffic jam, the others caused it. When there is one only one parking space left, the others take it. Those who drive too fast or too slow, those who park badly and talk even worse are always the same ones: the others.

This shared belief inspired Volkswagen’s latest film by DDB Paris. A voiceover delivers an absurd rant against all the others on the road, as if they were a distinct species. Meanwhile, the camera takes us into a quiet journey among all these “others” who actually look a lot like us. This is the moral of the story, summed up by the tagline : We are all others like the others.

This is the philosophy behind Volkswagen’s safety technologies label IQ.DRIVE. Helping people make the roads safer for themselves but also for the others.

The film was directed by Si & Ad using 16mm film which gives the pictures a particular grain and timeless aesthetics. It airs on TV and digital media.

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