Miami Ad School Students Deep Chhabria and Laura Marie Mariel Created Print My Protest campaign for ArjoWiggins

Miami Ad School Students Deep Chhabria and Laura Marie Mariel Created Print My Protest campaign for ArjoWiggins

Jul. 28, 2017

Digitization has belittled the importance of paper. There’s an advanced e-version of almost everything that initially survived on paper or in any other physical form. News, ads, music and even photographs now live as pixels. This transition might have its pros, but for ArjoWiggins, a brand that creates robust paper, it was a problem they couldn’t find the answer to even on the Internet. The brand wanted to spark conversations among modern-age millennials and truly display the evergreen power of paper. Interestingly, their remedy came from their own target audience. Laura Marie Mariel and Deep Chhabria, two millennial students from Miami Ad School proposed the perfect solution to make ArjoWiggins and paper make a comeback.

The duo realized that paper was more significant than ever in today’s current socio-political situation and that the impact of each protest march was inherently an exhibition of the power of paper. So, they devised a movement called Print My Protest, which is a Facebook status printing movement that enables people to print their powerful protest messages on equally robust papers. It’s simple. All you have to do is upload your protest message as your Facebook status with the #printmyprotest and the city you’re attending the rally in. When you reach the rally, you get your custom-made protest poster on fine and creative ArjoWiggins paper. You can also send your thoughts for others to carry during the march in case you can’t make it personally.

The idea was very well received and even won a D&AD Graphite Pencil at the D&AD New Blood awards. It is now contesting at every prominent advertising award show in the US.

When asked about the philosophy behind the idea, the duo said:

“Print My Protest is an attempt to creatively highlight the need for a new perspective, while portraying the power of not only paper, but also effectively placed dissent. It’s the journey of a simple Facebook status becoming a motto for a better and united tomorrow. More importantly, it’s a process that proves that positivity when creatively printed becomes a more lasting and stronger platform for reasoning and change.”

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