Mike's Hard Seltzer Introduce New "Naturally Good" Range With Three New Flavours

Mike's Hard Seltzer Introduce New "Naturally Good" Range With Three New Flavours

Apr. 01, 2021

Mike’s Hard Seltzer is a new type of alcoholic drink that allows you to have all the fun without making any compromises on taste, calories or refreshment. And now, they’re taking everything you love about hard seltzers to the next level with a new product launch that’s bound to turn heads nationwide.

April sees the launch of a new ‘Naturally Good’ range which features three new flavours. Each has been developed with the discerning health-conscious customer in mind, with complex but natural formulations that feature crowd favourite ingredients like charcoal, flaxseed, ginseng, and the always popular kale.

  • Delight in the taste of freshly foraged British kale and purifying charcoal when you crack open our Charcoal and Kale Hard Seltzer. We recommend cracking open our Charcoal and Kale Hard Seltzer after an afternoon of intense hot yoga or potentially a cheeky 10k sprint - or maybe both! Because it’s all-in or nothing.
  • Bask in the carefully crafted spice blend that elevates our Ginseng Flaxseed Chia Chai Hard Seltzer. This artisanal combination of organic ginseng, flaxseed, chia seeds, and chai just screams “health” from the moment you crack open the can. We recommend pouring yourself a glass of our Ginseng Flaxseed Chia Chai to enjoy alongside a superfood salad (minimum 3 superfoods, or it doesn’t count). If you can’t pronounce a few of the ingredients, all the better.                                        
  • Finally, close your eyes and be whisked away to far-off mountain peaks with our Himalayan Sea Salt-Dusted Goji Berry Hard Seltzer. This new flavour has the tang of goji berry and the essence of sea salt - but special sea salt - in every sip. We recommend pairing your seltzer session with a relaxed lounge amongst several Himalayan Sea Salt lights (but only with this flavour. Any of the others alongside the lights would be ridiculous).

The three join the existing line up of refreshing, real fruit flavours including Raspberry, Lime and Black Cherry which are available nationwide at Morrisons, Tesco, Ocado, SkinnyBooze, and other UK retailers. The new range is sure to be a staple of exclusive yoga retreats, extreme Crossfit clubs, and other hardcore fitness events nationwide.

Mike’s Hard Seltzer is the perfect spring choice at 100 calories per serve. The new range is available exclusively via www.mikeshard.co.uk

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