MNSTR and Dior explore the future of make-up

MNSTR and Dior explore the future of make-up

Dec. 13, 2019

In a sector undergoing major change, MNSTR is supporting Dior Make-up in its exploration of a new form of beauty. On December 13, the brand launched a 3D make-up experience to enhance and improve the "Dior Makeup Holiday 2020" look: an instagram filter in augmented reality, co-created by Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director at Dior Makeup, and Inès Alpha, 3D Make-up artist. By expanding beyond physical make-up, Dior is shaping the future of make-up in a world where "homoinstagramus" is now a must.

MNSTR explores a new form of beauty for Dior

As the beauty sector goes through a major phase of transformation, agency MNSTR is collaborating with Dior Make-up to explore new forms of beauty.

Driven by a whole new generation of creators and artists, enhanced beauty broadens the fields of application and expression. A new form of beauty, less standardized, freer, and more inventive. The chance to explore art, weirdness, self-derision, futuristic inspirations, far from the traditional and physical diktats of beauty as we know it.

Perrine Lizé, Executive Director and co-founder of MNSTR, explains:

"In recent years, augmented beauty has principally been confined to replicating or mimicking reality, by allowing you, for example, to try on lipstick in augmented reality, or to correct it by refining our faces, magnifying our eyes or smoothing our skin etc... We proposed to Dior Make up to take a new step and use technology to promote personal and creative expression."


For the first time, Dior Makeup launches an 'AR Makeup' filter.

Co-created by Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Make-up and 3D Make-up Artist Inès Alpha, the filter was developed in order to amplify and enhance the 2020 Dior Holiday Make-up collection. The idea here isn’t simply to mimic reality, but to give life to the imaginary.

The experience officially launches December 13 through a film and targeted micro-influence campaign conceived by MNSTR.

Inès Alpha explains:

"For Dior and the "Happy 2020" collection, I created, in collaboration with Peter Philips, a filter and a 3D make-up to accompany the "IRL" (in real life) make-up look. Makeup3D is inspired by this "explosive" and very festive collection. Glitters, sequins, fireworks were the keywords that helped me in the design of this piece. 3D make-up isn’t just a filter, it’s made with more advanced production software, giving a much more realistic and integrated result in the end. As if the 3D makeup was there in front of us, that we could almost touch it. My ambition with 3D make-up is to offer my vision of the make-up of the future, to make it palpable. That's why Peter and I decided to develop this teaser film that will allow people, I hope, to project themselves into the future of beauty."


A new virtual market is emerging. If we’re in an era where the representation of beauty is shared primarily through digital and social networks, why aren’t the products also digital?

Guillaume Carrère, Director of Strategic Planning at MNSTR, explains:

"Augmented Reality is a way for people to express themselves. Exploring our identity in a digital world has become the new norm when it comes to experiencing reality. If Oscar Wilde told us that "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder", at MNSTR we are convinced that it is increasingly in the eyes of the person who expresses it."


Lionel Curt concludes:

"The market for "cryptographic" objects - objects only available in the virtual world - has, according to Forbes, exceeded $200 billion for the first time this year, largely driven by the video game industry. But it seems more than likely that this digitalization of products will extend to other sectors such as fashion and beauty."

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