Nākd launches first ever TV campaign with "Mind. Blown"

Nākd launches first ever TV campaign with "Mind. Blown"

Jan. 02, 2019

Natural Balance Foods is kickstarting 2019 with a bang as Nākd launches its first ever TV ad with its bold ‘Mind. Blown.’ campaign.

Nākd is the UK’s no.1 healthy snack brand worth an impressive £40m, and has revolutionised healthy snacking in the UK as it continues to surprise and delight customers with its mouth-watering selection of flavours.

With the first burst of TV activity kickstarting a £1.5million campaign, the ‘Mind. Blown.’ campaign comes to life in both 30” and 20” ads. The campaign will run throughout 2019 at key points in the year.

Created by Recipe – their first work since winning the brand in 2018 - ‘Mind. Blown.’ showcases the fantastic reactions of anyone experiencing the big flavours of Nākd bars: When you discover a snack that’s not only tasty and not only healthy, but also comes in a huge variety of flavours, well, it’s enough to blow someone’s mind! In this spot, set in a doctor’s surgery, a man brings his purple-covered girlfriend in, she seems to be frozen in a state of bewilderment. As we peer into the girl’s ear, we discover her mind has been well and truly blown by a Nākd bar. Nothing to worry about, as the doctor says, it’s nothing more than ‘smooshed’ up fruit and nuts – she’s eaten a Blueberry Muffin Nākd bar. Struggling to believe the doctor’s words the man tries the bar for himself... within a second the room is filled with a magical burst of purple clouds and fireworks. ‘Mind. Blown.’ 

The TV campaign marks the launch of a wider marketing and PR campaign which will include in-store promotions, PoS, PR, sampling & social media activations to amplify the ‘Mind. Blown.’ messaging for consumers.

Founder of Natural Balance Foods Jamie Combs said:

“2019 is a big year for Nākd and we are passionate about bringing our customers the best tasting bars and exciting new flavour combinations, with the wholefood message at the heart of everything we do. Our product range is guaranteed to blow the minds of anyone who tries Nākd and we know that ‘Mind. Blown.’ captures our values and spirit in an exciting way. We’ve been working hard to bring new customers and loyal fans exciting new combinations and we can’t wait to reveal more in 2019.”


Matt Waller, Creative Director of Recipe said: 

“We were challenged to bring to life the consumers ‘eureka moment’ of experiencing the flavour of a Nākd bar in the most dramatic and memorable way possible.  So that’s what we did – the ad captures the exact moment when they discover the small bar’s giant flavours, made simply by ‘smooshing’ together great tasting natural ingredients – ‘Mind. Blown.’ “


Nākd is available nationwide in single bars and 4 bar multipacks.

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