National Highways Asks Drivers to "Lend a Paw" in new Anti-Litter Campaign from FCB London

National Highways Asks Drivers to "Lend a Paw" in new Anti-Litter Campaign from FCB London

Feb. 12, 2024

FCB London’s new campaign for National Highways features three of the animals most vulnerable to harm and death by roadside rubbish – a rabbit, hedgehog and squirrel –– standing shocked at the side of a road next to the line, “Litter kills 3 million animals a year.”

In the first wave of a three-year drive to raise awareness of the impact of littering on the road networks, National Highways’ new campaign presents it as socially unacceptable behaviour and invites drivers to “Lend a Paw” and change their ways. Even chucking an apple core out of the window can cause harm by attracting animals to the side of the road and putting them at risk from passing vehicles.

Aimed at families, young drivers and commercial drivers, FCB London’s arresting images highlight the impact of litter while explaining the easy ways to improve the roadside environment for everyone. The campaign encourages people to dispose of their waste at their destination or a motorway service area.

National Highways and FCB London are working with Keep Britain Tidy and other national organisations to make the work as impactful as possible over the full length of the campaign.

Owen Lee, Chief Creative Officer at FCB London, said: 

“This emotive approach reveals the impact roadside litter has on our much-loved wildlife. It gives an animal-loving public a clear incentive to bin roadside litter.”


Alison Holliday, National Highways’ Head of Marketing and Events, said:

“Littering is a social problem and we’re working hard to tackle it on our roads. Drawing attention to the impact it can have on wildlife offers a stark and compelling reason for people to act responsibly. FCB’s creative has the power to help educate drivers and influence their behaviour to protect our environment, road workers and wildlife. The simple truth is if people didn’t drop litter in the first place it wouldn’t need to be picked up – so we are urging road users to take their litter home.”  


The animals were built in CGI with King Henry Studios. The campaign will run on OOH, Social and Radio.

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