New Android Campaign Compares SMS Texting to a Competitors' Outdated Texting Technology

New Android Campaign Compares SMS Texting to a Competitors' Outdated Texting Technology

Sep. 22, 2023

If you remember the pager, we're talking about a portable communication device that was popular in the 1990s andt allowed users to receive short numeric or alphanumeric messages. Technological advancements and the rise of smartphones eventually made this product far less popular.  

However, Apple still uses a similarly outdated technology today for texting between iPhone and Android users. It is called SMS, an antiquated messaging standard from the 90s. Because it’s so dated, conversations between iPhones and Android phones get a downgraded texting experience. This is why users often encounter cross-platform messaging issues, including "green bubbles," pixelated videos, a lack of read receipts and typing indicators, and most importantly, lack of end-to-end encryption. Apple could solve these issues between iPhones and Android phones by adopting RCS (Rich Communication Services) – the modern standard adopted by most of the industry. 

To clarify this situation for iPhone users and to kindly request Apple to upgrade from SMS to RCS, a new phase of the #GetTheMessage campaign features the "launch" of the iPager, a parody device. With this campaign, Android takes a humorous approach to highlight where the problem lies: the outdated SMS messaging technology used by Apple. 

Adrienne Lofton, Google’s Vice President of Global Consumer Marketing, said:

"In today's world, texting should be seamless, inclusive and secure, not broken, degraded and outdated. By holding on to VCR-era technology and not adopting the modern messaging standard or participating in the process with the rest of the mobile industry, Apple is holding everyone back. This doesn't just impact their users, it impacts everyone who wants to communicate in an inclusive  world. We sincerely invite them to help us all move messaging forward." 


Catchy phrases like “What year is this?" and “Time for SMS to exit the chat” are featured in the campaign, which will span online videos, OOH, influencers and social media. 3D-printed mock ups of the iPager device will be sent to select influencers, which helps remind them that the messaging issues they experience today are caused by an outdated technology.  

Rafa Donato, CCO at DAVID Miami said:

"Stepping back in time isn't always a nostalgic joy ride. When it comes to messaging, it's time to leave the 90s behind and embrace the future of communication. #GetTheMessage and move past the 'pager' days."


This is the latest iteration of Android’s campaign that launched in 2022 with national coverage in the United States, where default texting is widely popular.  

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