New TV 2 Spot Is A 4-0 Victory for Denmark

New TV 2 Spot Is A 4-0 Victory for Denmark

Nov. 15, 2022

Ever since Denmark’s 4-0 victory against Wales in the knockout phase of the 2020 Euros, the chant "4, 4, 4, 4-0" has become a favorite of the Danish fans, using at any given time, no matter how optimistic or improbable.

Hence updated on a bit of cultural context, we take a hard pivot to Danish TV station TV 2’s new spot for their upcoming World Cup coverage. In this wonderful potpourri of Danish history, folklore and contemporary football craze, an overpriced cape leads to both a flag falling from the sky (legend has it that the Danish flag fell from the sky during a battle in Estonia in 1219), the strategic shift of a historic battle, as well as the conception of the now beloved 4-0 chant. The Danish flag, by the way, is recognized as the world’s oldest national flag.

The film was directed by Jakob Marky, produced by Bacon, and made with TV 2 Creative. It is a tribute to both the Danish national team and fans, and an ironic take on the patriotism that is part of any big international football tournament

Jakob Marky said:

"This day in age, we should allow ourselves to poke a bit of fun at nationalism. Let us not take our history too seriously."


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