Ogilvy Paris Launches Brainjuice, a new Way to Leverage Insights for Brands, Powered By AI

Ogilvy Paris Launches Brainjuice, a new Way to Leverage Insights for Brands, Powered By AI

Feb. 26, 2024

Ogilvy Paris announced today that it is collaborating with New York based start-up CivicSync to create an AI powered tool called BrAInjuice that will help brands dig for insights more quickly, cost-effectively, and with more accuracy because it enables Ogilvy’s strategists to observe behavior.

Ogilvy Paris, who launched the AI.Lab Center of Excellence in 2023, is now adding a data & insight layer to its unique AI offering. Working in collaboration with a New York research startup called CivicSync, the bespoke tool is named BrAInjuice.

Ogilvy Paris continues to embrace AI to augment creativity.

CivicSync's AI technology empowers brands to simulate focus groups and deploy surveys, instantly gathering insights from thousands of individuals. This approach captures real-time behavioral data while circumventing the biases typical of conventional research tools. 

Moshe Borouchov, CEO and co-founder of CivicSync, stated:

"Traditional methods of researching and measuring public opinion and sentiment frequently overlook society's diverse makeup. CivicSync utilizes AI to guarantee inclusivity, ensuring that every voice, particularly those from marginalized communities, is heard. This not only fosters broader representation but also broadens business and marketing opportunities."


Melanie Huggins, Chief Strategy Officer of Ogilvy Paris said:

“Using brAInjuice isn’t just faster and more cost-effective than doing traditional research. It’s all better quality because it’s based on human behaviour rather than what people say, and it also gives us personas with which we can consistently fuel new insights, (vs one-off quali groups).”


Huggins Continued:

“We’ve been piloting it on a live project, and we’ve already mined heaps of fresh qualitative insights that have helped create springboards for new creative ideas that will help build our clients’ brands and business.”


CivicSync’s survey data is based on digital trackers that record the behaviors and browsing habits of users rather than questionnaire answers. The company combines the data it collects with large language models, allowing analysts to interrogate the results in a dialogue with an aggregate persona reflecting the behaviors recorded. For the pilot, Ogilvy and CivicSync have created three consumer personas from an initial sample of 20 research participants.

Mathieu Plassard, President of Ogilvy Paris added:

"This new solution reinforces our cutting-edge leadership in Gen-AI applied to marketing, and continues to equip our teams with superpowers to generate better insights and better ideas for our clients."

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