ONE Bar Encourages Shoppers To Break From Chalky Protein Bars In New Ads Created By Fortnight Collective

ONE Bar Encourages Shoppers To Break From Chalky Protein Bars In New Ads Created By Fortnight Collective

Jan. 13, 2022

ONE Brands has launched a new campaign to drive awareness and trial of ONE protein bars, which deliver a unique and totally indulgent flavor experience unlike traditional protein bars. Brand marketing accelerator Fortnight Collective created the campaign. Fortnight won the project in July 2021.

ONE Brands knows protein snacks don’t have to taste bland, and has built its reputation around fantastic flavor and texture delivery while still delivering complete, quality protein with just 1g of sugar. With roots in sports nutrition. ONE protein bars come in 20 delicious flavors and contain 20 grams of protein. They are sold at Amazon, Vitamin Shoppe, Target, Walmart, Kroger, gyms, and many other grocers. 

Michael Reese, Head of Marketing of ONE Brands said:

"At ONE we know that many people have been burned by protein bars in the past – they want the high protein without all the sugar, but are turned off by the bland taste and chalky texture. ONE is different: it delivers 20g protein and only 1g of sugar, and most importantly tastes great and doesn’t have that chalky mouth feel that many expect from a protein bar."


The work broke on December 26 and will continue through January, with expectations to run throughout 2022. Channels include Social, YouTube, programmatic OLV platforms, Amazon, Search, and more.

The new campaign for ONE showcases it’s point of difference in an all new way, pitting its flavor and texture against those other chalky tasting protein bars, literally. In two 15-second and four six-second videos, ONE blasts traditional bars' reputations apart and showcases their incredible flavor. In one spot we see two stereotypical gym rats pumping iron as they bromance one another with only the word “Bro”. When it’s time for a protein break, they chomp down on their protein bars and are immediately met with a chalky blast, covering their faces. In the other spot we see a cycle instructor winding down a class. She reaches for her protein bar and again is surprisingly blasted by its overwhelming chalky texture. In both spots after the explosion of chalk the ads cut to the ONE bar spokeswoman who casually exclaims, “Don’t eat chalk” and presents ONE bars superior flavor, texture, and nutritional profile with 20 grams protein, 1 gram sugar, and zero chalky taste.

Matt Kubis, creative director at Fortnight Collective Explained:

"This campaign pokes some fun at the taste martyrs in the category who still think that they have to sacrifice their own enjoyment for a bit of protein and choke down bars that taste like chalk."

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