Persado Launches Customer Motivation Report, Delivering Key Insights that Drive Consumer Action

Persado Launches Customer Motivation Report, Delivering Key Insights that Drive Consumer Action

Jun. 29, 2022

Persado, the Motivation AI platform that generates the language to inspire every individual to engage and act, today announced the launch of its 2022 Customer Motivation Report. The first of its kind analysis surveys the impact of brand language, emotions, and context on consumer behavior, highlighting the when, where, and why of communications that motivate customers to engage and act. 

Consumers are suffering from digital overload. With countless messages flooding customers’ inboxes, 71% of customers say they will require more personalization that aligns with their exact needs and preferences. In a fast-paced and digitally-transformed marketplace, it is critical brands understand what motivates customer behavior, engagement, and buying decisions in order to deliver hyper-personalized experiences and communication at scale. 

Key findings from the report include: 

  • Environment is Everything: According to Persado’s data, the environment in which a message appears is a driving factor behind its potential success and determines what motivates a customer to act. For example, Persado’s data found that language classified under the Attention motivator, typically a top language performer, fell from the top-three to the lower end of the motivators when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Language such as “act now,” or, “don’t waste any time,” no longer hit the tonal mark given the situation, and messages that were more centered around Safety and Intimacy (e.g., "we’ve got you covered" or "we’re here for you") rose to the top.
  • Categorizing Language Creates Actionable Insights for Marketers: Persado’s Customer Motivation Report demonstrates that understanding how language relates to emotions is key to uncovering customer motivations, that narrative-driven campaigns provide the mechanism for delivering content that is more personalized and engaging, and the importance of customized language in driving customer engagement and conversion. 
  • Investing in Personalization Delivers Clear Value: The key to personalization at scale is understanding and activating upon the given circumstances of the when, where, and why language resonates with consumers. A North American arts and crafts retail giant leveraged Persado’s Motivation AI technology to increase its personalized email campaigns from 20% of its email campaigns in 2019 to 95% in 2022, resulting in an overall 25% lift in engagement by increasing email campaign click-through-rate. 

Over the last 10 years, Persado has generated 15.5 million unique messages and powered interactions with 1.2 billion consumers through the Persado Customer Motivation Knowledge Base. It’s the world’s largest database trained for enterprise communications containing structured, classified, and labeled language, with linguistics and learnings that provide terabytes of scale and acting as the data source for AI models. Built and refined with the equivalent of over 645 years of A/B testing, the Customer Motivation Knowledge Base allows Persado's AI to generate personalized language options that engage and more importantly, motivate each member of a brand's audience.

The Customer Motivation Report reveals insights from the last three years of Persado's AI-generated campaigns for some of the world’s largest brands including J.P. Morgan Chase, Marks and Spencer, and Vanguard. Based on over 10,000 unique language experiments that analyze the words, formatting styles, phrases, and other elements in real-world messages, the findings highlight the language and approaches that best resonated with consumers while also creating a blueprint for brands looking to refine their personalization strategies. 

Lisa Spira, Head of Content Intelligence at Persado said:

"Now, more than ever, companies must rely on scalable personalization solutions that reach their customers at pivotal points, from acquisition, to engagement, and across the entire buyer journey. Our report illustrates the influence that language has on motivating customers to engage and act, and how those motivators can shift over time. As brands rely more heavily on personalization to drive growth, Persado is looking forward to building strong partnerships with brands—helping them discover the top motivating factors for their customers and unlock transformational growth with our Motivation AI platform."

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