Publicis Luxe And Cartier Go 3D For Watches & Wonders

Publicis Luxe And Cartier Go 3D For Watches & Wonders

Apr. 13, 2022

At Cartier, time is not only what we measure but what we treasure, something to make the most of - in how it is filled and how it is represented. The strength of this vision drives all of Maison's research around time, from its formal representation to personal perception and the experience of the quality of time.

To continue serving this vision, during Watches & Wonders, the world's largest watch show, Publicis Luxe, in collaboration with passionate artisans, has created and developed a series of 37 windows (static and animated) that serve as living showcases to showcase the new products from the House of Cartier.

An ambitious film, produced entirely in 3D, was also created to present the totality of the collections and was itself shown on a 360° screen during the Geneva show.

A wide range of visuals and iconography was produced to enhance the physical experience in Geneva, all of which were transposed to the brand's Instagram account.

Finally, to allow everyone to live the event, a website, designed in association with Razorfish France, was also created and offers visitors an immersive experience through animations and interactive 3D content. This 360° experience allows viewers to further discover the collection’s watches, from Cartier’s notable precious jewel watches to its new designs.

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