Rebooting an '80s Classic: McDonald's Canada Launches the Menu Song Remix

Rebooting an '80s Classic: McDonald's Canada Launches the Menu Song Remix

Apr. 08, 2024

McDonald’s Canada has recently launched the Menu Song Remix, a fresh new take on a memory that’s engraved in the minds of McDonald’s lovers everywhere. 

In 1989, McDonald’s came out with one of the original viral campaigns called the Menu Song. It featured a guy sing-ordering the entire McDonald’s menu at the counter in under 30 seconds. The original Menu Song might’ve stopped airing over 30 years ago, but people are still putting their spin on it. McDonald’s Canada is now remixing the ’80s classic to get the world singing again in a way that’s relevant to today’s fans. The Menu Song Remix will star rapper, singer-songwriter and former McDonald’s employee Lil Yachty for a nostalgic reference that bridges the gap between generations. He brings an infectious persona, approachability and the perfect amount of star power, which creates a feel-good vibe for the remix.

Rebecca Smart, Marketing Director for Brand Strategy & Content at McDonald’s Canada said:

"We thought it was the right time to revive this classic in a way that was relevant to our Gen Z audience, while at the same time allowing Gen X and older audiences hear this remix and remember something that resonated in their own formative years—which their kids and grandkids are now enjoying like it was new."


And a remix wouldn’t be complete without the real campaign heroes the menu items. The Remix Menu was created based on how fans hack their favourite McDonald’s menu items like the Chicken Big Mac®. Only this time, Canadians will be able to enjoy a lot more remixed classics. New menu items will be available for a limited time and include: Sweet Chili Junior Chicken, Surf ’N’ Turf Burger, Chicken Cheeseburger, and Apple Pie McFlurry®. 

Andrew Chisholm, Executive Creative Director at Cossette said:

"We knew for the campaign to be truly successful and resonate with our fans, we had to go beyond the usual screens and channels and do something that reflected how our fans were already hacking and customizing existing McDonald’s menu items. So we turned to social to find out what a few top faves were, and in response, created a net-new limited-time menu with remixed icons inspired by fans."


In collaboration with Cossette, The Menu Song Remix campaign will run independently in both English and French markets on TV, Spotify, OLV including Twitch, OOH, digital media, paid and organic social, and with merch. Although each campaign is unique to its own market, both represent an iconic piece of history for McDonald’s Canada.

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