ROTHCO and eir Remove All Black Spots in National Magazine Takeover

ROTHCO and eir Remove All Black Spots in National Magazine Takeover

Oct. 10, 2017

ROTHCO orchestrates a world first for print advertising by eliminating all the black spots in an entire printed national magazine. The bold campaign launches WiFi Calling, an innovative new product that eliminates mobile phone coverage black spots by using WiFi connections to boost your signal.

The agency took over the entire Irish Daily Mail Magazine and removed every single black spot to promote the new service for Ireland’s largest communications company, eir. Every full stop, every semi colon, every tittle on every ‘i’ and every ‘j’ was replaced with a colourful eir dot. Readers then found out the reason in a full-page advert at the back of the magazine.

Stephen Rogers, Creative Director at ROTHCO, comments:

“eir had a really unique product, that was perhaps a little bit complex to explain. So, we created a really simple analogy for what WiFi Calling actually does: eliminates black spots. Once we had this, we pushed ourselves to bring this to life in the most surprising way we could.”


Shane O’Brien, Creative Director at ROTHCO, adds:

“We should also probably apologise to the designers in the Daily Mail, who had to sit up all night combing through the entire magazine replacing black dots, one by one.”


The print takeover took place on Friday 6th October 2017.

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