Serviceplan Spain and Amstel Collaborate with Artists And Illustrators To Create "Xe Quin Barri"

Serviceplan Spain and Amstel Collaborate with Artists And Illustrators To Create "Xe Quin Barri"

Nov. 20, 2019

Amstel and Serviceplan Spain have commissioned contemporary Spanish artists and designers to create unique labels for the Valencian beer. A total of 6 million bottles with the specially designed artist labels were distributed throughout the region.

The campaign title, “Xè quin barri!” (“Wow, what a place!”) alludes to one of the most characteristic Valencia sayings which can express emotion, joy and surprise 19 artists based in Valencia created bespoke illustrations representing each of the 19 neighbourhoods of the city, each of them designing a label for the city they are linked to. 

Valencia’s districts are the main feature on the Amstel Original bottles created especially for the “Amstel Xè quin barri” campaign, which encourages people to “drink their neighbourhood”. The Valencia-made beer bottles show 19 illustrations created by local artists on the labels, reflecting each distinctive area of the city. The creative agency for the campaign was Serviceplan Spain. The campaign name “Xè quin barri!” alludes to one of the most characteristic Valencian sayings, which can express emotion, joy and surprise.


Amstel Art at Veles e Vents, a cultural space at Valencia’s Marina, was chosen to host an exhibition featuring the artist-design labels: Amstel Xè Quin Barri is on display until the 31st December. This space, driven by Amstel, has become an important cultural exhibition space in the city and is a symbol of the new Valencia, driven by and for young talents.

The featured artists and their respective Valencia regions depicted on the special Amstel labels are; Virginia Lorente - El Carmen; Jorge Lawerts - Ruzafa; Grace Garcia – Extramurs; Joan Quirós – Campanar; Miriam Ferrer - La Saïdia; La grúa studio – Mestalla; Luis Armand - L´Olivereta; Belén Segarra – Patraix; Miedo 12 – Jesús; Amalia Torres - Cuatro Carrereres; Lalalimona - Camins al Grau; Deveses Graphic – Algirós; Inma Carpena – Benimaclet; Luis Demano – Rascanya;  Espinca Explosiva – Benicalap; Mikko – Poblados del Norte; Mental INK – Poblados del Oeste; and Ibán Ramón – Poblados del Sur.

The stories and inspiration behind each of the artist labels can be found on the website:

As part of the campaign, Valencians voted for their favourite district and label, with the winning label receiving a special prize; a huge celebration for all those in the neighbourhood which will be shared with the entire city.

This original campaign aims to demonstrate the strong link between the brand, the only beer made in the city of Valencia, and important regional events and celebrations like Fallas and Hogueras. With Valencia as the World Design Capital 2022 on the horizon, the 19 “Amstel Xè quin barri” labels were designed by 19 Valencia artists and illustrators, each of whom have captured their neighbourhood perfectly; its style, its feel and of course, those who make it unique; portraying their soul, their home and their creativity.

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